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Top Model Fashion Beautiful in the World

Daria Strokous is the new Top Model of the world has been waiting for!

It is truly refreshing to see the definition of beauty return to the fashion world. Daria Strokous is one of those few models that have beauty which transcends borders, rare talent, and gifted smarts to re-define fashion. Her step in the catwalk is not only mesmerizing, but she carries a freshness and confidence only few and select models through out the history of fashion have been able to achieve: an innate ability to understand how to wear the art designers work so hard to create each season -(not just a mannequin with a heartbeat). She gives hope to us all who wish to see the return of what the word “model” used to stand for.

And everyone can agree with history. In the late 1990s actresses, pop singers, and other entertainment celebrities began gradually replacing models on fashion magazine covers and ad campaigns. Many of us can understand the “business” reasons for it. Charles Gandee, associate editor at Vogue, has said that high prices and poor attitudes contributed less to the decline of the supermodel. As clothes became less flashy, designers turned to models who were less glamorous, so they wouldn’t overpower the clothing. The popular media apply the term ‘Supermodel’ loosely to some without worldwide recognition and extensive experience in haute couture.


Last year, Beauty School's pick to win Miss World 2008 was Miss Mexico. This year, Beauty School's pick to win Miss World 2009 is Miss Mexico. Perla Beltran, Miss World Mexico, won Miss World Top Model on November 28. With this title, she has been fast-tracked to the finals, along with Miss World Japan Eruza Sasaki (Miss World Sportswoman), Miss World Canada Yanbing Ma and Miss World Sierra Leone Mariatu Kargbo (joint Miss World Talent Show winners) and Miss World Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino (Miss World Beach Beauty). Only one one more fast-track title remains - Miss World Beauty with a Purpose, to be announced at the Miss World 2009 final on Saturday, December 12 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Other Beauty School faves for the Miss World 2009 title are Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar, and Miss France, Chloe Mortaud. In perhaps one of the biggest highway robberies in Miss Universe history, both failed to make top 5 at Miss Universe 2009.

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